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Just opened up across the street from Casa Mario on Calle del Pescador. Apparently it’s just a move from another spot here in Cabo, but I had never been to the first location; what a great asset to have

literally across the street. It’s an Argentinian steak house that cooks over an open wood flame.

Portions are large and price is fair. The meat is very good. Sausage was so-so. They have a nice sample platter “for two” or “for four” and either would be enough for an additional appetite; the sample platters come with a bottle of Argentinian wine. Be sure to see and stand over the glass covered fresh water well; the site literally sits on top of a fresh water aquifer and they have done a really neat job of illuminating the pre-existing well. When you are done with your large beef bones, take them back across the street for the two black labs that live next door to us, Jumba (Hoom-ba) and Mikalee. They’ll be waiting.

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