Cabo Restaurant Reviews

My name is Tim Davidson and we have been “regular” Cabo customers since 2002. We purchased Casa Mario in 2004 and have watched Cabo grow over the years, and seen all the new restaurants come and some go. Here is a collection of our reviews over the years. Some are tried and true and we eat there every time we come. And some you just put in the category of “well, I have tried it and I don’t need to go back.”

The $$ values and what they mean (shown after the restaurant name):

$          Excellent value, very inexpensive for it's category

$$        Great value, not too much money at all

$$$      Little pricey, but on par with what you might pay at home

$$$$    Pricey

Every time - our favorites


Located about 50' off the main street, right behind Ramuri Brewery. This restaurant opened here in Cabo right after Hurricane Odile came through. The owners, Fabricio and...

For dinner


World Famous for breakfast on the beach and owned by the same company as Edith’s, another top-notch restaurant on the street. Their specialty is a Mexican breakfast; they use all fresh...

For breakfast on the beach


Gardenia's is located just around the corner from the house to the West on Paseo de la Marina, Gardenia’s is one of the few restaurants that goes way back, one of the oldest in town.

For taco lunch by the house


Still the best taco in town. Recently moved its second site to a less busy side of the block. We took some friends here that came down from Cabo San Jose. One of our guests is...

For taco breakfast or lunch in town


Still the best baked products for many, many miles around. We don’t even have bread this good at home, let alone the pastries. If you time it right, you can get fresh out of the oven ciabatta...

For morning pastries and good bread


Roasted the restaurant opened its doors around January 2015. It is located just across the street from Casa Mario and to the right, around the corner from Chamuyo. We had tacos there twice...

For dinner near the house

Really good restaurants we like


We had seventeen in our group for dinner here on this trip, for my daughter's wedding dinner. Chef Enrique and his staff outdid themselves. We started off with three little appetizers, "cute"...

For dinner


We made sure to have the pizzas for lunch on this trip. Same pizzas for dinner cost nearly twice as much. Of course, for dinner you get live entertainment and lots of local eye candy.

For lunch, or dinner with entertainment


We had Sunday brunch here on this trip. Of course we started off with Bloody Mary's--known here as "Pelo de Pero," or hair of the dog. This may be the best drink you have in your life. Fresh...

For Sunday brunch


Another fabulous experience at this “hard to get to” restaurant.  When I say hard to get to, it’s tucked into the middle of a very large complex.  You can walk in or get lucky and catch the golf cart...

For dinner—ambiance


We went for a late and casual breakfast this time. Not too busy, as it was a local holiday. The owner himself served us and made our drinks. Huge bags of fresh oranges are squeezed right before...

For truly local faire


Tried the traditional Mexican breakfast this time and was not disappointed.  I had the machaca eggs with spinach and mushrooms, served with beans and your choice of tortillas and some fresh fruit.

For breakfast in town


Romeo and Julieta is located at the far end of the marina on Cabo San Lucas Avenue.  They recently changed their entry from the little side street to the main street side. A charming Italian...

For dinner

NIK-SAN ~ $$$$

This light, fresh, and perfectly prepared sashimi salad hit the spot. This was my first time here in a while, and I have to say, I was a bit taken aback at the prices on the specialty sushi rolls. It's...

For sushi


Pancho’s is the place to go to find what is boasted as the world’s largest collection of Tequila, located on Miguel Hidalgo just down the street from Mama’s.  Reasonable size tastings are...

For pozole


Just opened up across the street from Casa Mario on Calle del Pescador. Apparently it’s just a move from another spot here in Cabo, but I had never been to the first location; what a great asset to have...

For beef across the street

MI CASA ~ $$$

Located on Cabo San Lucas Boulevard on the west side of town at the base of the Pedregal hills. This charming restaurant has layers and layers of seating but manages to keep a...

For authentic Mexican


To date, still the best meal I have ever eaten in Cabo.   Located just 150 feet from Casa Mario on Paseo del Pescador, this gem has stood the test of time in Cabo.  Mediterranean style food, an...

For ambiance, right next door


Ramuri brewpub and restaurant just opened in early April 2013, located on the main street Lazaro Cardenas. They have TEN beers on tap at all times, and brew additional beers and have them...

For brewery and pizza


Located in the marina next door to the Harley Davidson store.  Senor Sweets has been around for years and we have been enjoying lunches, dinners and DESSERTS there for a long time.

For dessert

Restaurants we will eat at again, but not too often


Located on the corner of Cinco de Mayo and Guerrero, this quaint little restaurant is tucked away from the noise of the city.  Inside you’ll feel miles away from the hustle and...

For dinner


World Famous for breakfast on the beach and owned by the same company as Edith’s, another top-notch restaurant on the street. Their specialty is a Mexican breakfast; they use all fresh...

For dinner on the street


Located on the street named “Madera” just off the main road up near the marina, this Brazilian steak house offers an all you can eat meal for around $20.  Like a traditional Brazilian steak...

For all you can eat steak house


Located on Medano Beach right smack dab in the middle of the action, this wild and crazy beach bar gets the clients and staff involved in all types of zany contests, entertaining both...

For lunch on the beach

Restaurants you don’t need to try




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