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Corozon de Alcachofa

Corozon de Alcachofa (Heart of the Artichoke)"Heart of the Artichoke" Located on our street about 200 feet away, right across from Peacock’s.  It is a relatively new restaurant (opened in 2011) but we had yet to try it until this trip.  Not

sure why it took so long to go—maybe because we wanted to see if it stayed in business first where so many others had failed.   Service was very attentive.   Great ambiance.   Pricing is a little on the high side, but the food was very good.  We tried a couple of different salads, one with artichoke hearts and one a Mediterranean.  Both were excellent and flavorful.  We shared an entrée, shrimp with pasta served with a red sauce.   Biggest shrimp I have ever seen, and cooked perfectly.  We probably would have ordered a bottle of wine, but the price list starts around $60 and goes up (and up, and up).  So we settled on a gin martini, or ten.  Overall good experience but a little pricey.

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