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Esquina Bar


We made sure to have the pizzas for lunch on this trip. Same pizzas for dinner cost nearly twice as much. Of course, for dinner you get live entertainment and lots of local eye candy.

But if you are interested in strictly the food, go for lunch and save yourself some money, or order more and try more items. Excellent as usual.

We still like this place for the great food and the good drinks and the live music played almost nightly.  On this trip we had two lunches and a dinner here, partly because the food is really good and partly because it’s just steps from the house.  One day for lunch we had the pizzas, which were spot on still, and one day for lunch a perfectly cooked and presented hamburger.   On the dinner trip a friend and I each had the catch of the day which was blackened and served over a bed of seasoned whole beans with bits of ham-hock in it.   Different to be sure but tasty.  My other buddy ordered the filet mignon, rare, which was served with a dark wine sauce over a bed of scalloped potatoes and seasoned spinach.  He didn’t like it at all—thought it was far too busy and ”gloppy,” so he gave it to me and my other buddy and we ate it, and liked it.   I typically order meat medium rare, but the flavors were all good.  I think John was a little cranky that day.

Still the best pizza in town.  We love it.  The bar is excellent.  The service is always good.  Ambiance is great.   We will continue to go there as long as the quality and the product remain constant

We learned (well, already knew) that they make great drinks and great pizza. But we learned on this trip that the bartenders make a mean Long Island Iced Tea. See, my buddy was a little upset from a previous unmentioned stop where our server was less than respectful. He went back to ground zero, which for him is the Long Island. Turns out that perfect blend wiped his tears away in no time!!

Located on the top of the hill of Paseo del Pescador in the renovated Bahia Hotel, this restaurant came onto the food scene with a splash and flash in late 2010/early 2011.  Laurent Saussy is the chef who creates the delicious dishes.  The wood fired pizzas are great, as are the artful salads.  It’s been crowded since it opened so reservations are recommended if your group is larger than normal.   Eating at the bar is always an option.  Most nights feature live music and the ambiance is pretty darn good for a “corner bar.”

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