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Flora Farms

Flora Farms

We had Sunday brunch here on this trip. Of course we started off with Bloody Mary's--known here as "Pelo de Pero," or hair of the dog. This may be the best drink you have in your life. Fresh

tomato, cooked beets, peeled celery, a sprig of cilantro, a slice of jicama--sweetened I think, and pickled vegetables. We all agree that we must learn to make this one at home. For breakfast, we were all over the board, ranging from fruit laden pancakes, to farm grown bacon and on-site made sausage, eggs Benedict, juevos rancheros, and the table favorite chicken burger, served with a fried egg on top. As with everything served here, it is ALL grown on site. This is the epitome of "farm to fork," as you can see the farm all around you, and then, well, you know. As I said before, find this place and enjoy it.

Located in Cabo San Jose.   Don’t ask me how to get there as I am still all turned around.  But get there.  Really neat organic farm turned restaurant, just since 2010.  First time there for us.  None of uswere really “starving” enough to take advantage of the Sunday brunch buffet this time, but will try next time.  We ordered some very good pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven with an excellent dough, fresh tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella.

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