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We went for a late and casual breakfast this time. Not too busy, as it was a local holiday. The owner himself served us and made our drinks. Huge bags of fresh oranges are squeezed right before

your eyes, and poured into large goblet style glasses of gin or vodka, if that’s your pleasure—it was ours this day. We ordered the Pozole this time, and it didn’t disappoint. Excellent range of flavors in the national soup. Another friend of ours ordered some chicken to go with his eggs—he was trying to get some extra protein I guess. Instead of saying that they didn’t have any chicken, they took the order. A little later we saw the cook return with a chicken in a bag (cleaned of course). Next thing we knew the chicken was on the plate with the rest of his breakfast. Super tender and very tasty. Instead of taking the easy way out, they went the extra mile and delivered the order. It says a lot about the owner and the restaurant. 

Located two blocks off the main strip (the second one is a long one) up from The Giggling Marlin at the corner of Ninos Heroes and M. Matamores. They serve authentic Mexican food to be sure. We had a really good, deep and rich pozole, an authentic beef birria, chile rellenos the size of little flat footballs, and chicken mole with thick, dark (but light in taste) chocolate backing. Topped off with some very cold Negro Modelos and we were in business. The food was authentic, the service good, and the price more than fair.

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