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Los Claros


Still the best taco in town.  Recently moved its second site to a less busy side of the block.  We took some friends here that came down from Cabo San Jose.  One of our guests is

the former food editor for The Sacramento Bee.  Obviously, the meal was great as usual, and Mike and his wife Martha were impressed with the simplicity, speed, authenticity, and quality of the meal we shared. 

Excellent tacos made from fresh ingredients and fresh oil for frying, hence the name Los Claros, which means “the clear,” oil that is. The condiment bar is tasty too, offering a little treat of fried jalapenos with cheese in them.   This is a non-alcoholic establishment, so order the Jamaica (ha mike a – hibiscus flower) tea.  It’s cool and refreshing and quite tasty. Los Claros is only opened in the daytime, so you can head there for breakfast tacos, lunch, or mid-day.   One is located on Zaragoza about three blocks off the strip and a new one just opened in 2011 on Leona Vicario 100 feet off the main strip.  Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and quantity of food you get.

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