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Mama’s Café


Tried the traditional Mexican breakfast this time and was not disappointed.  I had the machaca eggs with spinach and mushrooms, served with beans and your choice of tortillas and some fresh fruit.

 My buddy had the pozole, which was red and rich and filled with yummy meats and hominy and plenty of onions, peppers, avocado, and dried oregano.  Excellent.

This café in the center of Cabo on Miguel Hidalgo, is a bit like The Office without the sand in your toes.  The breakfast menu is much the same, and while drinks are available, the coffee is what many Americans will appreciate in the morning.  There are many egg offerings including eggs scrambled with fresh nopales  (cactus).  The King Kong Omelet, in spite of its over-the-top name, is a healthy size egg dish which can change with what’s in the kitchen but will always include sauted mushrooms and ham.  The stuffed French toast is the house specialty.  Don’t forget to offer a tip to the man who plays the guitar and sings for you.  What a relief from the amplified sound you’ll encounter in most places.

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