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Mango Deck

DSCF2095smLocated on Medano Beach right smack dab in the middle of the action, this wild and crazy beach bar gets the clients and staff involved in all types of zany contests, entertaining both participants and

onlookers alike.   A DJ provides music and an MC orchestrates the chaos.  First timers are easy to spot as they are the most engaged, as “hundred timers” are still amused by the antics.

There are almost always 2:1 drink specials and the food for beach fare is pretty good.   The staff is attentive and dedicated, with most of the management staff remaining in place for ten years and more.   Big Johnson, the tequila-shot guy recognized in photos the world over, will pour you your pleasure; Armando (the second tequila guy)  compliments the pouring action as the Mango Deck has continued to grow every year, making it the largest and craziest place on Medano Beach.

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