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Mi Casa

Mi Casa

Located on Cabo San Lucas Boulevard on the west side of town at the base of the Pedregal hills. This charming restaurant has layers and layers of seating but manages to keep a

quaint feel by creating small “rooms” with multiple elevations. I’d bet they can seat over 300 people, but you’d never know it from any one spot in the place. Live music is common, as the “play for pay” band finds many eager to contribute to the ambiance.

The food is traditional Mexican with an emphasis on sauces and a rich variety of ingredients. We had the appetizer sampler platter which had three different types of tacos—mushroom quesadilla was the best. Then we shared a chicken mole and a “stuffed” pepper. The mole sauce itself was good, but the chicken clearly hadn’t been in the mole for long if at all (traditional cooking recommends at least 15 minutes in the hot sauce to bring par-boiled chicken to temp), and the “stuffed” pepper was actually flayed over the stuffing instead of cooked inside the pepper. All in all the flavors were good and the value was there.

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