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The Cabo Bakery


Still the best baked products for many, many miles around.  We don’t even have bread this good at home, let alone the pastries.   If you time it right, you can get fresh out of the oven ciabatta

bread and make some unbelievable sandwiches.  Markus is also doing more and more with pastries, expanding his offering of empanadas as well.  The apple empanada when it comes out of the oven is my new favorite, but the key-lime tart is a close second.  We went to Cabo Bakery almost every day for three weeks on this trip—that should tell you something.

The Cabo Bakery recently opened in late 2011 right down the street from Casa Mario, Paseo Pescador, across the street from City Club. Talk about getting lucky.

One of the finest things in life can be fresh baked bread, and when it comes in the quality that is found in this new bakery run by Markus Saffert from Germany, you can’t help but love it.  We have been trekking almost daily to obtain his tasty trade as the smells waft out of the doors into the streets.  Artisan breads in Cabo!  Baked fresh daily!   What could be better?

Markus continues to add to his already extensive and delicious offering, and continues to make subtle but distinct improvements to items already on the menu. We love it and highly recommend it, again.

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